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“I have two very young kids and developing my own business so days are really full. Exercises like the ones Jennifer suggests are perfect, as they really maximise the impact I can have on my knowledge with less study time.”
Pauline Vicard
MW Candidate (UK)
"The Blind Tasting X Program should be required for all of those who want to get to the Master of Wine Program"
Kathryn House
Enologist, Viticulturalist, and MW Candidate (USA)
“Jennifer helps on three fronts. First, she will teach you what you do not get taught in school: How to breakdown the mass of information and drills to assimilate it. Second, she is a great coach for them mental side of the game. Lastly, she will be firm with you on the communication front. Jennifer will go the extra mile … So, take this course.”
Matthew Cocks
MW Candidate (UK)

Tasting wine blind is the most respected and honored skill in wine.

  • Movies are made of people who can do it.
  • International titles are given because of it.
  • People in the industry know it helps their careers.
  • At the very least, it earns them respect.

Yet I hear all the time “I just don’t have a good enough palate” or “I could never do that”.

But what if I told you ONE THING that could change all that?


You want to take your blind tasting skills to the next level.

And that’s why I think you’ll love…

Blind Tasting X Program

THE most powerfully active, focused and intentional course on blind wine tasting ever created. In 9 weeks, it takes you to advanced level blind tasting and sets the stage for mastery.

The X stands for ACCELERATOR and when you follow this system, you’ll be amazed by your progress. 

[WARNING] this is an intermediate to advanced level course. If you’re a beginner at wine tasting, this program will be too much for you.

Here’s What It Will Do For You:

Save tens of thousands of dollars improving your blind tasting.
Save thousands of hours from wasting your time studying.
Teach you how to be more active and intentional.
Gain more confidence in your palate and blind tasting skills.
Affirmation you are tasting correctly and are calibrated.
Assurance you are doing the right things to improve your results.
Speed up palate memory.
More motivation to get things done.
More confidence in moving forward and trusting what your palate is telling you.
More certainty to help you go the distance.

What Are You Getting:

9 weeks of hard-core, ACTIVE training video lessons to improve your blind tasting skills step by step.
Additional 9 Live Lab online sessions to review your work and progress with a master of wine.
70% Savings: you save 70% on the cost of this program than if you took this course at what most experts charge per lesson/session.
Powerful tools that WORK: included are strong tools, drills, exercises, examples, worksheets, calendars, ways to track your progress, and a POST course plan to keep your results going after the course is complete.
Lifetime Access: You get access to your course for life! So even if you know you can't do it right now, you'll want to get in on this price now.
Payment Flexibility: If you need to pay in installments, there’s an option for that. We’ve got your covered.
Money-Back Guarantee: There’s NO RISK! If in 30 days from purchase you feel you are not getting what you need, you can get your money back. No questions asked.

What Are You Savings:

Sold separately each session would be $250.

So you might expect the total cost to be about $5,000.

But act now and get:
Blind Tasting X
+ 9 Live Labs
Online Price:
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That’s over 76% savings!
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And if that isn’t enough to convince you to join, then this will…
You get 3 BONUSES for signing up!
Bonus 1: How to Taste for Quality Cheat Sheet:  This is my secret weapon to identifying wine quality. It has 10 detailed quality traits and producers that exemplify these traits so you can taste them in the glass. I take all the guesswork out for you.
Bonus 2: The Foundation 50: This is a list of 50 classic wines that repeatedly show up on blind tasting exams.  It provides producers, markers, and compares and contrasts them to their laterals.  This one bonus sets the stage for you to get to blind tasting mastery FAST.
Bonus 3: The "How I Passed" Video Vault:  Learn from at least 12 Masters on how each passed the Masters of Wine (MW), Master Sommeliers (MS), and The WSET Diploma.  You get a behind the scenes look from them AND get details to connect with each afterward.
And there are even MORE bonuses once you sign up, but I don’t want to spoil the surprises…

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW
Founder, Master Wine Online

Hello, my name is Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan. And ever since I flipped the switch with this ONE THING, I launched into blind tasting mastery and became the 4th woman in the US to achieve the International title of Master of Wine. I’m a published author of several books, a professor, TEDx speaker, international wine and spirits judge and if I had to make an analogy, I’m kinda like an Olympic coach, but for wine.

I’ve trained thousands in the industry, including many now masters themselves, been featured in top business magazines all over the world, international publications, on TV as well as featured in top wine magazines.
“My tasting skills improved more in 9 weeks of this course than in 2 years prior, and I continue to use the course materials to build my skills and tasting confidence.”
Jessica Hudacek WSET3 CSW
DipWSET Candidate (USA)
“Your program opened the door for me, meaning, now I feel confident…. Also, watching my [blind tasting] peers trying hard to develop their tasting skills in the Live Lab videos made me want to be one of them. It means so much to me…I really enjoyed the course!”
Koichiro Tezuka DipWSET
“Thank you very much for putting together a direct and well thought out approach… Before this class, I felt overwhelmed with the possibilities and the amount of wines that I've never tasted.”
Cardene Otsuka DipWSET
MW Candidate (USA)
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