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Join this Virtual Tasting Workshop to improve your wine tasting skills and palate - FAST and SMART, just like top experts and sommeliers from the comfort of your own home.

And just so you know you’re in the right place

I want to underscore that the strategy in this workshop reflects the EXACT SYSTEM I used to pass the Master of Wine Exam, identifying 36 wines blind. It’s the same system we have used to help countless wine school students, professionals, and wine enthusiasts quickly and predictably achieve their palate confidence goals. In short - this is what's working right now - so let's dig in!
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Identify Wine Quality Confidently

Tasting for wine quality is one of the main reasons that the best winemakers and wine critics can charge a huge premium for their valuable services. It is extremely difficult and takes a long time to master. So, it is no surprise that tasting for wine quality is a major problem for most wine enthusiasts, wine professionals, and wine school students worldwide…

The “wine tasting” virtual space is absolutely flooded with courses, coaches, and hype - all promising to help us get results but ultimately only adding to our frustration...

The fact is - there are three main reasons you struggle to taste for quality accurately and confidently:

1. Blindspots: “I don't even know what I’m tasting for!”

2. Overwhelm: “There is too much information thrown at me at once!”

3. Mind Clutter: “How do I put it all together for any meaningful conclusions?”

Do these sound familiar? In all of my experience serving and talking with amazing folks from all over the world, I hear these three struggles and pains all the time.

But these are only symptoms of a much greater issue - the real issue is the lack of a clear "Point A to Point B" system that's easy to follow. A clear roadmap that's been proven to help people just like you increase confidence in their wine palate and improve their wine tasting skills in no time flat!

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Your Instructor: Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW

Jennifer is the 4th woman in the US to achieve the International title of Master of Wine. She is a published author of several books, a professor, TEDx speaker, international wine and spirits judge, and professor for several wine and spirits courses for The Great Courses, Wondrium and Audible.

She has trained thousands in the industry, including many now masters themselves, and has been featured in top business magazines all over the world, international publications, on TV as well as featured in top wine magazines.

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The Confidence tasting system

The good news is that, if you’re struggling with palate confidence, I’m going to give you some very clear, proven, and easy to implement steps you can use right away to overcome these issues so you can get more practical experience and save money without all the confusion or frustration! This is where our "Taste for Quality” System comes in - let me show you how it works…

Compare and Contrast Visual Markers

We will visually compare both wines side by side to draw out individual markers that will indicate conclusions about specific types of grapes or climates or winemaking techniques.

We will look at leading indicators of certain quality parameters such as typicity and concentration.


Compare and Contrast Aromatic Markers

Next, we will directly compare and contrast only the aromatics between the two wines. While most schools will teach you to look for types of fruits or flowers or earth or oak, etc. but they do not teach you what the aroma implies about a wine’s quality. After this step, you will have even more corroborating evidence for quality.

In other words, this builds on the confidence of your conclusions and you haven’t even sipped the wine yet.


Compare and Contrast Structural Markers

If you’ve done the first two steps correctly, this last step is the knockout punch. It provides you with the most confident evidence that will confirm conclusions on quality that you drew on in the visual and aromatic markers.

Most wine schools will teach you to taste each wine separately through an “eyes, nose, palate” sequence order.

But the process we go through in this workshop will make the differences between wines obvious and pop!

And that’s what this system does. I teach you what to look for, why and what each observation means.

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Join the Taste for Quality Workshop today

And improve your wine tasting skills and palate - FAST and SMART, just like top experts and sommeliers from the comfort of your own home, for just...


This workshop starts on Thursday, July 7th, 2022.
4 pm PST || 7 pm EST || 9 am Sydney Time (the next day)



Limited time offer.

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As a bonus you will receive...

“How to Taste for Quality” Cheat Sheet

This one page document is my secret to analyzing the quality of wines. I have used these quality parameters to rate thousands of wines in wine competitions all over the world.

Once you understand the parameters that make up quality, confidence in your tasting ability will go to a whole new level.

Just this one bonus is worth hundreds of hours trying to learn these concepts on your own through trial and error. This ends up saving you the equivalent of thousands of dollars of saved time!

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You can spend thousands of dollars and hours trying to improve your palate on your own, or you can get instant help from a Master of Wine who can guide you and fast

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We have helped countless wine school students, professionals, and wine enthusiasts quickly and predictably achieve their wine skill goals...

“I have two very young kids and developing my own business so days are really full. Exercises like the ones Jennifer suggests are perfect, as they really maximise the impact I can have on my knowledge with less study time.”
Pauline Vicard
MW Candidate (UK)
"The Blind Tasting X Program should be required for all of those who want to get to the Master of Wine Program"
Kathryn House
Enologist, Viticulturalist, and MW Candidate (USA)
“Jennifer helps on three fronts. First, she will teach you what you do not get taught in school: How to breakdown the mass of information and drills to assimilate it. Second, she is a great coach for them mental side of the game. Lastly, she will be firm with you on the communication front. Jennifer will go the extra mile … So, take this course.”
Matthew Cocks
MW Candidate (UK)


You’re covered with our 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee - so nothing at risk.

All you have to do is put forth an effort to implement it... And if you try and don’t see any results, just send me a note and ask for your money back - no hard feelings at all!

I’ve got your back :-)

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Here is the answer to your question

How do I know this will work for me?

After spending the last decade helping wine enthusiasts, professionals, and wine school students, we have honed our systems down to an exact science.

If you have tried other programs and they have not worked for you, then this practical approach is for you.

The philosophy is "work less, but better". You will see that making some small tweaks to what you do makes an enormous impact on your results.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for any wine school student, wine enthusiast or wine professional who wants to fast track improving his or her palate. If you are in the Wine & Spirits Education Trust courses, ideally this would be for WSET Levels 2 or 3 students.

When do I get access?

Immediately! You can get immediate access to the dashboard which includes your bonus and this is where the replay of the workshop will be posted after the workshop.

Do I need to buy wine?

This is a tasting workshop where we taste two specific wines together. If you want to taste the wines along with me in the workshop, you will need to purchase the wines on your own.

After you sign up you will get an email letting you know which wines to purchase and alternatives.

Given so many people from all over the world sign up for these workshops, it would be impossible for me to send wines directly to you. It is therefore easier, cheaper and faster for you to directly purchase the wines yourself.

But don’t worry, the wines chosen for this workshop can be found pretty much anywhere. And if you can’t, alternatives are offered.

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Which would you prefer… Purchase 1 bottle of Decoy Napa Cabernet Sauvignon for $27 or improve your palate and take your quality tasting abilities to a new level in one hour?

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