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Jennifer Simonetti Bryan MW

Jennifer Simonetti-Bryan MW


I’m with you. I was JUST like you. Up until the year I actually passed the Master of Wine, for years I said ALL of these things to myself on a daily basis.

Hard work was what I thought was the answer. So I studied over 45 hours a week – three hours before work, three hours after and weekends were constant studying. That’s literally another full time job!

Now, like you, I’m never scared of little hard work. Problem was, it wasn’t working! I was exhausted all the time, felt guilty my time was pulled in so many directions and, worse, even with all my hard work I was no closer to passing!

I needed to change fast before I burnt out. But turns out, I didn’t need to work harder, I just needed to work smarter!

I developed focused and active techniques that brought my work down to a fraction of the time and my results were better than ever. In fact in less than a year of applying these techniques I passed the Master of Wine Exam and wrote my dissertation at the same time.

I used the similar techniques to create my first course with The Great Courses called The Everyday Guid to Wine. That course I wrote and filmed in 8 weeks and it went on to make over $1 million in the first six months and over that the following three years. Talk about results!

That’s why I developed Master Wine Online. I want you to get to where you want to be SMARTER, not harder with less effort and better results.


Join this Virtual Tasting Workshop to improve your wine-tasting skills and palate - FAST and SMART


Here you will transform how you study and work. Just imagine LESS EFFORT, BUT GETTING BETTER RESULTS! It may sound counterintuitive, but it will be the fastest, easiest and most sanity saving way for you to study and work.

You will receive proven strategies and methods to improve your knowledge and tasting skills with better retention in less time with less effort. You will also start to connect the dots to other areas of your life to start working smarter. It has all kinds of delightful after effects!

When you sign up you will receive Master Wine Online only content in the form of emails from me including insider tips, answers to your questions, practice drills, and videos. You will also get special invitations to Master Wine Online only webinars, workshops, courses and programs to enroll in.


I help guide students from all wine schools – Society of Wine Educators, Wine & Spirits Education Trust, Court of Master Sommeliers, Institute of Masters of Wine, Culinary Schools, etc. – and enthusiasts.

What I do is help you get you to where you want to be faster and easier. There are SMARTER ways to study and work towards your goals.

Let me mentor you along the way.
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“I have two very young kids and developing my own business so days are really full. Exercises like the ones Jennifer suggests are perfect, as they really maximise the impact I can have on my knowledge with less study time.”
Pauline Vicard
MW Candidate (UK)
"The Blind Tasting X Program should be required for all of those who want to get to the Master of Wine Program"
Kathryn House
Enologist, Viticulturalist, and MW Candidate (USA)
“Jennifer helps on three fronts. First, she will teach you what you do not get taught in school: How to breakdown the mass of information and drills to assimilate it. Second, she is a great coach for them mental side of the game. Lastly, she will be firm with you on the communication front. Jennifer will go the extra mile … So, take this course.”
Matthew Cocks
MW Candidate (UK)

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